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Our 316 stainless pressure & drainage products are fast to install for hygiene and shutdown time sensitive processing areas.

Our supply to the food industry is extensive, with supply of our stainless pipe, fittings, channels and drainage throughout most major brands throughout Australia.

Specified for hygiene sensitive environments, our products are preferred in:

- food processing and preparation areas,
- abattoirs meat processing,
- beverage (syrup) process packaging lines,
- vacuum packaging equipment,
- wash down,
- chiller,
- loading and
- general commercial kitchen floors.


Our range of stainless drainage pipe and fittings (EuroPipe Drainage), Industrial Drains and Channels are specifically designed for the demands of food processing.


Potable water, dosing & sterilisation stations, compressed air and hot water lines are easily installed with our Blucher Press-Fit range of 316 stainless tube & fittings all installed quickly and without welding.

  "We cannot afford to install cheap;
We need gear once installed, just works & keeps working..."



Potable & hot water supply.

Hygiene sensitive areas.

Shutdown time critical areas.

Sterilising equipment.

Cryovac vacuum lines.

Wash down and chiller drainage.

Forklift & loading area drainage.

Drainage with hot flush capability (up to 200°C).





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