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Installing AusPress Press-Fit

Start to install quicker: AusPress press-fit is installed easily & quickly using a Press Tool to form a permanent pressed join between tube and fitting.

Before you start, check for suitability with...

We are available to assist if you want to confirm or unsure - contact us.


AusPress Installation Guide

This is the standard installation for common applications - please contact us for specific or speciallised advice before proceeding.


1. Cut to Length

Cut the tube at right angles using a tube cutter or fine tooth saw.

  • 10 - 76.1mm: Use a tube cutter. We stock these manual cutters that leave a minimal interal or external burr.

  • 88.9 - 168.3mm: Ideal practice is to use a bandsaw or Brobo style cold saw. Alternatively, a 5" grinder with an INOX disc can be used but ensure the end is cut square by marking the entire diameter using a wrap around to follow.

Note: Using the same cutting tool on different metals can lead to corrosion (eg steel then stainless). Use the INOX disc only on stainless steel.

2. Deburr the Tube/Pipe

Deburr both inside & outside edges of tube to prevent damage to the ring seal of the fitting.

  • 10 - 54mm: We stock hand held deburrers (pictured).

  • 10 - 168.3mm: Use a half-round file, new or only used on stainless steel to file any burrs from the inside & out.

3. Mark the Insertion Depth (i)

Measure or use a depth gauge to mark the insertion depth (socket depth) onto the tube before sliding the fitting on.

  • This is a visual quality control mark to ensure the tube is fully inserted.

  • Tube & pipe ends of fittings need to be marked too.

  • Depth measurements are different for each diameter - please check the appropriate catalogue, referred to a dimension 'i'.

4. Inspect the Fitting & Ring Seal

Check that the rubber ring seal is:

  • The correct material type (colour) of seal is used.

  • The seal is not damaged.

  • Both fitting & ring seal are free of debris.

5. Join the Tube & Fitting
Insert the tube into the fitting press socket, turning slightly until it reaches the previously marked insertion depth.

Soapy water can be used if joining is difficult.

Don't lubricate with oils or grease.

6. Press Tool Selection
Select the correct press tool, jaw or collar to suit the fitting dimension and application pressures. Ensure press zone is lubricated each press with Inox spray.

Eg: M-profile, 28mm.

Note that different product ranges have different diameters and fitting profiles. Refer to the tool suitability before pressing as each is calibrated differently.

7. Press the Join
Open the press tool jaw, align with the press socket and start the Press Tool to join the fitting & tube.

8. Check & Complete
Visually inspect the pressed fitting & that the insertion mark is aligned with the end of the socket.



More Information?

Please contact our National Sales Team or the Customer Support Centre for technical information or advice for your project specifications.


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