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Check for Suitability

AusPress press-fit is suitable for a wide variety of applications and installations due to its ability to be installed quickly and performance with hygienic, high temperature, high pressure and chemical uses.


Common applications include potable water, compressed air, fuels, oil & gas, hot water, RO water, treated water, fire services and many more.


With such a variety of opportunities for press-fit, the general rule for specifying is to confirm the suitability against the following key attributes.


We are available to assist if you want to confirm or unsure - please contact us.


The System Material with the media internally.


Each material has benefits such as stainless steel suiting high temperatures and resisting most harsh chemicals.

When specifying AusPress, the suitability of pipe & fitting material must be checked and confirmed especially when fluids includes acids, chlorides or other chemical based waste materials.

We have extensive experience and metallurgist knowledge to assist customers with specific water testing or chemical resistances. Complete the Project Information Form for specific information for your project.

The Ring Seal (Elastomer) with the medial and operating temperatures.


The rubber ring seal (or gaskets, etc) are available in a range of materials to resist high temperatures, acids, gas and chemicals. Choose the right rubber type (eg Viton for high temperature) and specify this for the correct ring seals to be supplied.

We have resistance and compatibility charts with water testing services also available for unique and specialised situations. Complete the Project Information Form for specific information for your project.

The Conditions
including working pressures, operating temperatures and other variables are compatible.


The varied applications of press-fit lead it to being used a a wide range of locations and environments, both common and some unique. Refer to our technical information and catalogue literature for more information.


Complete the Project Information Form for specific information for your project.



More Information?

Please contact our National Sales Team or the Customer Support Centre for technical information or advice for your project specifications.


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