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Threaded Rod Cutting Jaw

Use your press tool for more! - Cut threaded rod to length by swapping the jaw over to a Threaded Rod Cutting Jaw. Cuts threaded rod diameters M6, M8, M10 and M12.

  Made in
Tool Suitability Stainless
& Engineered
Most 32kN
Press Tools
Hardness < 4.8 (400 N/mm2) Hardness < 4.8 (400 N/mm2) Swap inserts for each diameter  


Be Ready for Your Next Job...

We supply the Threaded Rod Cutting Jaw with M10 cutting inserts as standard. To cut other diameters of threaded rod, simply change the Cutting Inserts both sides of the jaw. Inserts for M6, M8 & M12 are sold in pairs separately from the Cutting Jaw:


Cutting Jaw
Cutting Inserts
(use with the Cutting Jaw)

Threaded Rod Cutting Jaw

(including M10 inserts)

Cutting Insert M6

Cutting Insert M8

Cutting Insert M12



Press Tool Compatibility...

The Threaded Rod Cutting Jaw is compatible with the following 32kN press tools :

  • Vetec: SPM32, CPN700.

  • Novopress: ACO202, ACO203, AFP202, ACO202-XL.

  • Rothenberger: Romax 3000.

  • Viega: Pressgun 4B, Pressgun 5.

  • Rems: Akku-Press.

  • Kembla: KPL, KPLxl.

  • Milwaukee: M18 Force Logic, M18 Force Logic Long.

  • Klauke: UAP3L, UAP4L.



Parts and tool pictured sold separately.


  Supplied with Experience  

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