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Sometimes you'll need more than the standard maintenance - we support those who purchase tools from us with servicing and repairs at our approved service centre in Australia.


In our dedicated tool servicing & repair workshop, our staff are trained by the tool manufacturers to assess, repair and service using the latest software and techniques.


We stock replacement parts for the tools we sell to reduce your downtime for repairs. Tools we can assess and repair are listed adjacent.


Depending on the tool, different servicing schedules are recommended and often completed quickly and returned to you.


Tools cannot be serviced or repaired yourself.


Please email us if a service or repairs are required and we'll arrange a quote before any work commences.


Manufacturer warranty terms and conditions can be found in the instruction manual of each tool type.


Tool Model

Service Schedule
Whichever occurs first...

Interval Press Cycles
ACO202 2 years 40,000
ACO203 2 years N/A
ACO202-XL 2 years 20,000
ACO401 2 years 9,000
AFP202 2 years 40,000
CPN700 2 years 10,000
ECO301 Yearly 9,000
EP-L1432 Yearly -
EuroPipe Elec Cutter
Yearly -
MFP2 Yearly 10,000
SPM24 First 12 months or 20,000 cycles.
Yearly Every 10,000 presses over 20,000.



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